Our Story

  Ryan Schumacher was born and raised in Arizona, USA . His passion for organic farming began in the year of 1991, a passion that later led to the birth of Essence Of the Earth Company. Ryan consults for Lavender farming, Essential oils, and organic farming worldwide.  Ryan and his wife Samah met in Africa in 2005. Samah was born and raised in North Sudan. She worked as legal consultant before she joined her husband Ryan in Essence of The Earth, Samah  enjoys arts, fashion and creating earth friendly cosmetic products. Ryan and Samah enjoy spending time with their children, traveling,and meeting people from other cultures

Essence of the Earth essential oils are made from Organic herbs, farmed, harvested, and distilled in house. Essence Of the Earth essential oils bridge your heart to the world in a bottle of pure and high quality essential oil . Essence of the Earth Products are earth friendly, Made for the healing of your body and soul

  Samah and Ryan invite you to visit  Essence Of The Earth shop and distillery near Sedona, Arizona at 702 South Main St., Cottonwood AZ, 86326