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  • beautiful products. Amazing quality, Frankincense is pure and the best I used so far

  • Cucumber oil is my favourite! My skin has improved tremendously after I used it. Thank you Dina

  • Love Samah and Ryan always answering my questions, I have been a customer for 6 years, I recommend the lavender, heavenly scent!

  • Attended lavender distilling session,It was amazing, we booked a farming consultation, Ryan is very knowledgeable and passionate about making his oils. Love it

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Lavender farm in Arizona

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EOE farms in Kenya

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Organic Kale in Arizona

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Why choose Essnece of the Earth?

Essnece of the earth is a small family business, we love earth, and we love to farm. our love for making essential oils is coming from deep and passionate desire to help and reach out to many. When you try our products you will feel the difference. Thank you for choosing Essnece of the Earth